Handling The Effects Of A Pipe Burst

If you are experiencing a pipe burst within your home or business, you will want to take immediate action in stopping and repairing the problem in an attempt to avoid excessive damage. Witnessing the effects of a broken pipe can be a bit overwhelming, but by taking the proper steps, you will be able to stop the water supply, fix the problem, and clean up the damage. Here are some basic guidelines to follow when handling a pipe burst on your own.

Turn Off The Water

Shut off the main water supply to your home. This is best when you do not know which area of a pipe is experiencing a leak, as it will stop all water flow in the system rather than just one portion of piping. The main water supply shutoff valve is either located under your kitchen sink or near where the main pipes enter your home. 

Empty The Pipes

When the water is turned off, you will then need to drain it from the pipes. Turn on the cold water faucets on all sinks in your home or business to help push the remaining water from the pipes. Afterward, turn off your water heater and turn on all your hot water faucets. Flush each toilet in the building once. This will remove all water from the piping system, allowing you to start to make repairs.

Repair The Broken Pipe

Locate the area where the water was pouring from the pipe so you can inspect it for damage. If there is a small crack in the pipe, you may be able to patch it on your own. If the damage appears extensive, the whole section will need to be replaced. Call a plumber to assist in pipe repair if you are not comfortable doing the job yourself.

Thoroughly Clean The Area

The area that suffered from spraying water will need to be assessed and cleaned up appropriately. If the burst pipe was not noticed right away or if you had difficulty locating the main water supply line, causing an excessive amount of moisture in the area, you may want to call in a professional damage restoration service to help in removing all water that had accumulated.

If you decide to undertake the cleanup on your own, you will first want to turn off the electrical supply to the area until all water can be removed. Use a water pump plugged into an extension cord leading to another part of the home to remove the water from the floor. Use towels to sop up puddles the pump leaves behind. Sitting water can cause mold to occur, making it necessary to dry the area completely using fans, cross-ventilation, and a dehumidifier before cleaning it down with a commercial-grade mold cleaner.

For more information, contact Accutech Restoration or a similar company.

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