Four Potentially Hidden Consequences Of A House Fire

If you've just experienced a house fire, there's likely a lot of visible damage that you need to deal with. From burnt appliances and furniture to wallpaper and carpet, you'll need to replace and repair much of your home. But there are also some potentially hidden consequences of a fire that you might not be aware of.

1. HVAC System Damage

An HVAC system can gather ash and debris within its vents and filters following a fire. Though the HVAC system may not be seriously damaged, the increase of ash and debris may make the HVAC system work harder than it should. This can make the system break down earlier. The HVAC system should be thoroughly cleaned and the vents should be blown out following a fire to ensure better operations. 

2. Internal Wall Damage

Fire can travel up into walls without causing exterior damage. Old insulation, wiring, and other interior wall features can catch on fire and burn. It's always critical to have an inspector look through your home's structure to ensure that there aren't any problems lurking inside of your walls, ceiling, and floor. Some of these structural issues could even make the entirety of the house unsafe, especially when it deals with the support areas of the home.

3. Smoke Odors

The smell of smoke can be quite pervasive following a fire. But many people may not realize that the smoke odor is lingering because they assume that it's on their furnishings and their other items. In fact, a professional cleaning is usually necessary following a house fire for just this reason. Smoke odors can get everywhere, from inside of filters to within the insulation itself. 

4. Heat Damage

Just because something isn't burned doesn't mean that it's safe. Appliances may have heat damage that isn't visible -- and this damage could render them dangerous to use. For instance, the insulation around an appliance's wiring could melt, potentially causing another fire hazard. All appliances that were potentially subjected to heat during the fire should be thoroughly tested before they are used again. If they appear to be damaged at all, they can still be included on an insurance inventory to be safe. 

House fires can be devastating. To protect yourself from future issues, you should always hire a professional damage contractor for a complete assessment. Otherwise they may not be covered by your insurance policy -- and the damage could get worse over time. To learn more, contact a company like Serclean Inc

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