5 Things Every Owner Of A Water Damaged Home Must Know

When you first learn that flooding in your area is imminent, the best thing for you to do is to seek refuge for your family and yourself at a safe location. If you have time to collect a small amount of memorabilia, photos, and important paperwork, consider yourself lucky. You may not know what to expect to happen next, but as the homeowner that has experienced flooding, these five facts can help you greatly during recovery.

1. You Can Prevent Damage By Acting Fast - Undoubtedly, a home that requires water restoration services will need excessive work in order to be saved. You have to work quickly to get the ball rolling, but don't forget that water mitigation services, mold removal, and proper sanitation practices are necessary for making your house safe to live in again. Try not to rush the process as you may miss something important that could possibly put your home in jeopardy.

2. Professional Water Damage Restoration Is The Way To Go - Whether or not you have insurance, there are just certain parts of the water damage repair process that require professional help. Even if your home appears to be secure, you don't want to make any assumptions or attempt to move your family back in until you have gotten confirmation from an expert water restoration company.

3. It Is Vital to Document The Damage - If you can clean out the flood water and clean up both the mold and damaged items that remain, you will spend less time living outside of your home. In the meantime, keep your cell phone or a good quality digital camera in your possession so that all repair costs can be reimbursed. Additionally, keeping accurate records of the damage that took place in your home can be helpful for contractors should more repairs be necessary.

4. Insurance Payouts Take Time - Some expenses, like emergency lodging, gas, and food may be payable immediately under your home insurance policy. At the same time, many homeowners opt to come out of pocket for specific and vital aspects of the flood recovery process as they know that time is imperative. If you are waiting for your homeowners insurance company to process and approve your claim, remain calm and continue to stay positive.

5. You Can Save Your Home - You may feel stressed and anxious about the future of your home, but remember that countless other homeowners have had their homes damaged in floods, and everything ultimately turned out okay. Unless your home was almost completely submerged in water for several days, it is unlikely that it will need to be torn down. Even then, with flood coverage, you will receive the money needed to rebuild your house and potentially make it even better.

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